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emoticon RPM packaging activity Lenz Wed, 21 Sep 2005 12:20:51 +0200
Yesterday was "RPM day" for me. At work, I have been busy building RPMs of the Intel icc 9.0 shared libs that we provide for our MySQL binaries compiled with Intel icc. In addition to that, I created an RPM that contains the required configuration files and scripts to access the MySQL VPN using OpenVPN and SUSE Linux in a convenient way.

While trying to sync my web site to my workstation using the Unison File Synchronizer I noticed that the version on SUSE Linux is quite outdated and refused to cooperate with the unison server on my Debian box. Hence I bit the bullet and created a SUSE 10.0 RPM of unison-2.13.16 - it's now available from my SUSE 10.0 RPM download section. Enjoy!

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