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emoticon Updated RPM documentation finally available Lenz Thu, 03 Nov 2005 13:34:03 +0100
The widely used RPM package manager is quite a powerful tool, but it used to lack a very essential feature: decent and up-to-date documentation.

Maximum RPM has not been updated since the year 2000 and it was really tricky obtaining info about how to use newer RPM features without peeking into other people's spec files.

Some time ago Guru Labs posted the courseware slides of their "Creating Quality RPMs" course. These really give a good introduction into RPM building and are a well-structured guide for RPM beginners. However, they too did not get into the gory details too much.

With much delight I stumbled over a posting from Paul Nasrat today, which announces the availability of the RPM Guide. A first glance over the table of content was promising. I hope this document will be kept up-to-date!

Now if only the rpm.org website would get a new facelift at some point...

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