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emoticon Back from a long weekend Lenz Sun, 25 Jan 2004 23:47:23 +0100
Yesterday we've returned home after a prolonged weekend (took Thu+Fri off). I switched off my PC while we were gone, just in case you were wondering what had happened to http://www.lenzg.org/.

Thursday was my Mom's birthday and I had my first secondary school class reunion after 17 (!) years on Friday. So we rented a very nice car for the trip and drove down to Heidelberg.

The class reunion was quite funny, almost everybody showed up and we had a great time, looking at old photographs, laughing about stories of the past and talked about what happened to us since we left school. It was nice to get in touch with my classmates after such a long time.

My sister gave me her old Philips PCVC680K webcam, which I hope will be more suitable for my needs than the cheap Tevion USB webcam that I currently use - it frequently resets the USB which makes it unusable for streaming images.

On the home-improvement side, I installed an ISDN connection for my father's PC (he was still on a 56k modem). Installing the ISDN card and drivers was a bit of an adventure (finding drivers for Windows 98), but was a snap in comparison to locate the corresponding wires on the other end of a 25m cable (between about 10 similar looking cables that all ended in the same wall outlet). But after some fiddling and measuring I connected the correct wires. But even ISDN looked quite slow in comparison to my 2Mbit DSL line at home... I'm spoiled.

The trip home on saturday evening was stressful, as it began to snow and there were several car accidents along the route we were driving. But fortunately we made it home safely.

Today was mostly occupied by oiling our wooden staircase, now that it has been sanded off completely. Unfortunately the final colour does not exacly match our expectations - we need to find a solution on what to do with the staircase on the ground floor. We don't really want to use the same colour again, even though it might look a bit strange to have two differently painted stairs...

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