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emoticon What ever happened to Epitera? Lenz Wed, 05 May 2004 13:54:46 +0200
At one of the New York Linux Worlds (I can not remember the exact year, but I guess it was in 2000), I snagged a very funny T-Shirt labelled "Absolute Linux" from a company named Epitera. They described themselves as: "Epitera is developing a state of the art easy-to-use (Linux) desktop environment for the home market. Our system will include a personal assistant, powerful graphical interface and true Internet orientation.". Back then I was wondering what was wrong with KDE and GNOME...

The year is 2004. The Domain http://www.absolutex.org is being redirected to a strange web search engine, http://www.epitera.com/ now points to a site advertising weight management products. Seems like there was no demand for yet another Linux Desktop?

LinuxDevices still has a a short article about the product and company. The original web sites can still be found, too - they still exist as references for the web designer that created these pages once:

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