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emoticon Showcase your OSS project at the MySQL User Conference 2006! Lenz Tue, 31 Jan 2006 11:44:35 +0100
Arjen already mentioned this in December, but let me remind you anway: we would like to showcase some Open Source projects that use or support MySQL in the MySQL Community Pavilion at our MySQL User Conference 2006 in Santa Clara, California.

So if you are a member of a project that utilizes MySQL in a cool way, here is your chance to show off!

Repeating Arjen's words here: Primarily, we would like to hear from projects which are not backed/run by a company, because companies of course already have the opportunity to become a sponsor/exhibitor.

Also, note that the conference is in Santa Clara, California - while we can provide space, we are unable to fund everybody's travel/accomodation costs. So if you are overseas and unable to make it, perhaps someone else more local who also works on the project can come...

Anyway, send message to community at our main domain name, subject "MySQL UC2006 Community Pavilion" telling us the name of your project, a description of the project, website URL, other relevant details, who is involved, and which people would actually be coming to the conference (and their email addresses). Someone from the community department (probably Colin) will collect all the info so we can plan from there.

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