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emoticon A weekend of culture and politics Lenz Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:14:43 +0200
For a change, we went out to see two theater plays this weekend. On Friday evening, we went to the St. Pauli Theater to watch Horst Shroth in "Nur die Größe zählt", which was very funny. On saturday, we watched a play called Collected Stories in the Rover Rep Theatre, which is located in the basement of a nice irish pub called The Irish Rover. The performance was in english and gave us some food for thought and discussion. Both plays are definitely worth watching! So if you're in Hamburg while they're still on, try to get some cards!

Today, the Bundestag elections take place and I am quite curious to see which party made it. I just casted my vote and I am just glad that the campaigns are finally over. Some political parties really annoyed me in the past weeks.

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