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emoticon Vacation is over! Lenz Mon, 15 Nov 2004 12:09:41 +0100
As usual after returning from a 2-week vacation, I am drowned in email. It will take me some time to dig through that pile...

It was nice having some time off, even though we did not travel somewhere. We made lots of progress with the house renovation, finally all rooms and doors are painted now!

I even found some time to do something I have not done for a while - playing computer games. The games I toyed around with were demo versions of Doom 3 and Need for Speed Underground 2 - they both rock, even though Doom 3 crashed quite frequently for me... I also started playing Americas Army, but I am still stuck in basic training, though.

The sad thing about PC gaming still is that it requires to have a copy of MS Windows installed somewhere. The 3D driver situation on Linux has not improved much in the past few years, it seems. In fact, I get the feeling it has become worse! OK, nVidia seems to have become a bit better, but all other major video card vendors (especially ATI and Matrox) only deliver poor or no support for their latest video cards on Linux at all. Installing these drivers is usually a pain in the back and way to complicated for unexperienced users. Due to license restrictions, Linux distribution vendors are not able to ship and and improve the integration of these drivers in their distributions.

Better 3D support is a major hurdle for getting Linux accepted on the desktop. But this is a typical chicken-egg problem: Video card vendors do not see the requirement, as Linux on the Desktop does not have enough market share. Which it will hardly get, if there is no good support for 3D applications like games...

Frustrating. Looks like I have to wait at least until December until I can give the installation of the ATI fglrx driver another try... Until then, no 3D support for the X.org X-Server... At least ATI claims they are working on it.

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