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emoticon Wall tile hell Lenz Wed, 01 Oct 2003 21:59:53 +0200
This is my last post for today, my hands and arms are numb and tired...

After the kitchen was gone, we could focus on removing the wall tiles in the bathrooms. We already started hammering them away manually in the guest bathroom last week, which was a lot of work. Only equipped with a hammer and chisel, we managed to hammer down most of the wall tiles within a few hours. It's amazing how different they stick to the wall, depending on what's beneath the tile cement. On some parts of the wall, they simply fell off in one piece. On the other wall I almost went nuts - I had to hammer them down piece by piece.

Fortunately the guest bathroom is rather small. For the kitchen, main bathroom and the floor tiles in all rooms we have now rented a more powerful toy - a Hilti combihammer. Rock'n Roll!

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