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emoticon MySQL now available for Mac OS X on Intel Lenz Mon, 05 Dec 2005 14:51:22 +0100
While we have been building these packages internally for quite some time already (we received our Transition Kit in July), the packages of MySQL for OS X on Intel (Mactel) can now be downloaded from our our download pages.

The "port" to OS X on Intel was actually quite trivial: "configure; make"... We only had to fix a few trivial cosmetical issues. As the code itself has already been ported to Mac OS X on PPC and also builds on other x86 platforms (Linux, *BSD, Solaris), we did not really expect any portability issues.

Note however, that these currently are no "Universal binaries" - they only run on x86. Downlad the PPC binaries, if you have a regular G4/G5 Mac.

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