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emoticon Life is busy... Lenz Wed, 01 Oct 2003 21:36:54 +0200
Some of you may have noticed that I did not update my site very much recently. The reason is simple - I am way too busy with getting everything sorted so we can move into our new home.

Yes, we've actually bought the house and have already started renovating it. It was built in 1959, but has been constantly maintained and renovated. However, there are a few things that we would like to change before we move in:

  • Replace all floor tiles in the basement to get rid of the current colourful mixture (three different styles of tiles is too much)
  • Get a new kitchen. The previous one was already very rotten and filthy. But I shall spare that story for a separate blog comment :)
  • Completely modernize the guest bathroom. We decided to move the wall around the entrance door for about half a meter to make more room for the bathroom. The toilet and wash basin will be replaced, too.
  • Completely overhaul the main bathroom. Instead of the bathtub, we will get a big shower and move the toilet next to it. Also, the wash basin will be moved from the right to the left wall.
  • Get rid of the wooden ceiling in the staircase. It makes the room way too dark and small - we'd rather have plain white walls there.
  • Hundreds of other things I currently can't remember.
As you can see, there's plenty of stuff to do! That's why I currently devote most of my free time to house renovation...

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