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emoticon Bought a new geek-toy Lenz Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:19:23 +0200
Yesterday there was a flea market right across the street of where we live. We decided to sell a few things there as well - I got rid of some old PC components (a BIOS-less SCSI controller, an IBM DCAS 4GB hard disk and an old ISA-Bus Trident VGA card). Amazing that people still buy this old stuff.
While browsing the market, I stumbled over a Microsoft SideWinder Joystick (the one without ForceFeedback). I just had to buy it, as it was quite a bargain. Plugged it in, configured it with SuSE's YaST without any problems.
This significantly increased the flying experience with
FlightGear (which truly rocks IMHO!).
Microsoft's Software may suck most of the times, but their hardware (especially input devices) is usually well-thought and robust.

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