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emoticon No more paint on the staircase Lenz Sun, 21 Dec 2003 18:40:36 +0100
This weekend was dedicated to the task "Refurbish the wooden staircase".

Which was much harder than expected, as our original plan (sand off the two layers of paint and old carpet glue) did not work - the sandpaper clogged very quickly. I wasted almost all of the sandpaper I purchased on the first two steps of the staircase.

We then resorted to using a hot air gun to peel off the old paint/glue first and then we sanded off the remaining paint residue, which was much faster. It still took us almost the whole weekend to just get rid of the paint - more sanding will have to take place before we are done with the staircase to the first floor. Especially the corners are hard to get done - the orbital sanding machine is way too big for these, even though it's indispensable for the larger surfaces. Fortunately we also have The Mouse for these areas.

And we still have the one in the second floor... Fortunately this one is not painted.

When we're done sanding, we will simply cover the wood with two layers of Osmo Hardwax Oil (as we did in the living room).

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